The Parts Of A Dental Implant

dental implant parts

We offer implant dentistry to help people suffering from tooth loss for a number of reasons. They have a 98% success rate, they last for decades, and they look natural. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist will look at the different parts of a dental implant, and explain how they help offer such lifelike and durable solutions to minor or severe tooth loss.

The Benefits of Implant Placement

Bridges use crowns, and removable dentures, like partials and fulls, need metal clasps, suction, or special adhesives to stay in place. They also usually need to be replaced after about ten years. This is due to the fact that once we lose teeth, the body stops providing the jawbone around the missing teeth with doses of calcium and phosphorus. Without these nutrients, the bone tissue losses mass and density, causing changes to the jaw ridge that impact how a prosthetic fit.

But since dental implants are inserted into the jawbone and act as new roots, this stimulates the growth of jawbone tissue, preserving the ridge, preventing further tooth loss, and also maintaining your current facial structure, preventing an aged appearance.

The Three Main Parts of Your New Tooth

  • The Post: The post is basically the new root, and is made from a biocompatible titanium. This allows it to be accepted as a new tooth root by the body, preserving your smile. They have the potential stay in place for decades, possibly even a lifetime, provided you continue to care for your smile to avoid advanced gum tissue and other factors that could lead to implant failure. We place them in specific areas to allow them to absorb daily bite forces.
  • The Abutment: After the we insert the new roots we need a connective section to attach a crown or prosthetic to. The abutment provides this, and is attached to the dental implant post. We then attach a crown for people with an individual one, or a prosthetic like a bridge or denture for people with more severe tooth loss.
  • The Restoration/Prosthetic: This refers to the crown or prosthetic we mentioned above. We will design these based on detailed impressions we take of your smile, and employ lifelike materials to ensure you enjoy a full and beautiful smile.

If you have any questions about our approach to addressing missing teeth, then please contact our team today.

Ready to Talk About Your Missing Teeth?

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