Quiz: What Kind Of Implants Are There?

stewart-implantsWe’ve discussed before the importance of replacing missing teeth. Otherwise, you are at risk of developing a host of serious oral health complications, from misalignment to facial collapse. We often discuss the benefits of dental implants. There are multiple kinds of implants available to address varying degrees of tooth loss. Which type is right for you?

Try Our Dental Implant Quiz

  1. True or False: You can replace a single lost tooth.
  2. True or False: We can use them to support a bridge.
  3. True or False: You can receive teeth in a day.
  4. True or False: We can offer fixed dentures.

Answer Key

  1. True. Using a crown and implant, we can replace a single lost tooth with a durable new one that can last a lifetime. After the implant post is placed, we wait for the area to heal. Once healed, we add an abutment that holds a dental crown in place, replacing the visible portion of the tooth with a lifelike porcelain restoration.
  2. True. A traditional bridge is held in place with crowns, which means the healthy teeth on either side of the gap in the smile must lose structure to make room for the restorations. However, using two or more implant posts, we can secure a bridge without removing structure from surrounding teeth.
  3. True. With teeth in a day, we remove any remaining teeth (or replace your current prosthetic) and place the implants and possibly the prosthetic in the same day. This option works best for people have lost all or most of their teeth. We will examine your smile to see if this is the best option for your smile.
  4. True. Traditional dentures depend on natural suction to hold them in place, which means the threat of slippage during meals or speech. However, we can use multiple posts to secure a fixed prosthetic. The new teeth won’t slip and you can enjoy a sturdier replacement option.